• Cancer CareLHA boasts a dedicated team of medical & surgical oncology consultants who will guide you through the entire process. In only one visit, our team of doctors will take you through the testing process, explaining why and what you’re looking for.

    Cancer Care
  • Unrivaled understandingLHA offers every treatment a woman might need combined with the understanding that comfort, convenience and care are key essentials on the road to recovery.

    Unrivaled understanding
  • Home Away From HomeEvery element has been thought through, from waiting rooms to treatment facilities, LHA has been designed to make every woman feel at ease; because we understand that your comfort is one of the most important parts of recovery.

    Home Away From Home
  • Know your risksSmoking is well known to have an adverse effect on general health. It also slows down the work of the bone building cells and may result in an earlier menopause in women. It can also increase your risk of a broken hip later in life.

    Know your risks
  • Check your bonesStop by LHA for a bone densitometry (DXA) scan. This simple procedure can help you find out your bone density and keep you fracture free.

    Check your bones
  • LifestyleWe understand that looking your best is as important as feeling your best. A talented team of consultants with top of the line equipment, treatment and procedures, LHA is committed to making sure you feel and look your best.



Cancer Care


With a devoted team of doctors, surgeons and treatment specialists, LHA is all about understanding the woman as well as the science. You’ll be taken care of by a complete team of experts who address your cancer diagnosis as well as all your physical and psychological needs beyond cancer.



Health Clinics


LHA understand that your body is your temple. We also understand that maintaining your body is pivotal for both your mind and soul, so we pay attention to all of it. LHA has a team of dedicated doctors to make sure every worry you have is cleared up.





Your lifestyle is the pinnacle to the health of your body, mind and soul. At LHA we understand that the most intricate issue can cause great discomfort, so our lifestyle center ensures that you’re feeling and operating at your very best.



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