Unrivaled Understanding

LHA offers every treatment a woman might need combined with the understanding that comfort, convenience and care are key essentials on the road to recovery.

LHA is more than a clinic. It’s a safe haven and a place you can trust. We have taken strides to ensure that this becomes the hub for your health and wellbeing.

At LHA we understand medicine, but we also understand that combining medical expertise with an innate understanding of women is one of the most important facets on any road to recovery.

receptionReception & Waiting Areas

Expert Knowledge meets Cutting Edge Facilities

LHA is a state of the art medical and wellness center, one that is divided to cover all the needs of the modern woman. Split into three distinct categories, Cancer Care, the Health Clinics and the Lifestyle Center, making sure you can cover all bases visit after visit.

Combining five star services with some of Egypt’s most renowned practitioners working together to find the best solution to suit your needs. LHA has one goal; to understand your needs and provide a litany of treatments and options for any and all of your health concerns.

ultrasound-labUltrasound and Laboratory

LHA prides itself on taking care of you

From consultations to x-rays, nutrition plans to recovery services, we are a one stop shop for every woman’s needs. We also understand that your time is precious and efficiency is key, so we’ve made sure all of your needs are covered in one visit.

Our roster of doctors go out of their way to ensure that each procedure is discussed and explained to you and all your questions are answered, assuring you with the knowledge and steps required to make sure that everything is ok. This is a clinic that caters to every need of every woman with state of the art equipment in a professional and refreshing environment.

We pride ourselves on understanding women and we understand that the crux of the modern woman is efficiency, quality and results.

cancer-careCancer Care & Clinic

A Home Away From Home

Every one of our centers, from lifestyle to cancer care, is specifically designed to become your home away from home.

Every area is created to envelope you in comfort, a sense of understanding and most importantly a sense of security; you are in safe hands.

We understand that any procedure needs to be treated within the right environment, that women need a certain aesthetic and ambiance in order to feel their best.

Every element has been thought through, from waiting rooms to treatment facilities, LHA has been designed to make every woman feel at ease; because we understand that your comfort is one of the most important parts of recovery.


Dr. Ashraf Selim, Chairman of LHA
Dr. Norran H. Said, CEO of LHA