Dec 10

Move it before you lose it !

Move it before you lose it !

Osteoporosis is a ‘silent killer’, affecting millions of people around the world. It is commonly referred to as ‘the silent disease’, since bone loss usually occurs without any warning symptoms and is only detected when a person falls, causing the bone to break. Most fractures commonly associated with osteoporosis happen in critical areas like those of the hip or spine, hindering the patients’ mobility, and in some cases leading to death.

Unlike many might think, this is not a disease that only affects the elderly. In fact, Osteoporosis does not discriminate by age or gender since it usually attacks anyone who does not invest in their bones’ health during adolescence -where 90% of peak bone mass is usually acquired.

An alarming data survey conducted by the Egyptian National Nutrition Institute reveals that more than one-quarter of females aged 10 -19 are relatively osteopenic. The unexpectedly high prevalence of low bone mass density among Egyptians could be simply explained by reduced physical activity, low omega 3 fat diets, excessive consumption of soft drinks, as well as an increased animal protein intake. Moreover, bone density charts for Egyptian women reveal a lower bone mineral density compared to their western counterparts, where 16.7% of 1190 menopausal women were diagnosed with lumbar osteoporosis.

At LHA, our goal  is to increase awareness of bone health and the effectiveness of prevention as a mean of treatment to fight needless suffering. We strive to change the Osteoporosis’ paradigm of prevention by treating fragility fractures as “red flags” signaling potential bone disease. LHA hopes to enhance Egyptians’ knowledge on bone health, offering simple prevention schemes embodied in; balanced diets rich in calcium, adequate intakes of vitamin D and regular exercise routines to enhance the overall skeletal health in Egypt. LHA’s advice of the month is a simple as ‘eat healthy and move it before you lose it’.

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