Cancer Care

With a devoted team of doctors, surgeons and treatment specialists, LHA is all about understanding the woman as well as the science. At LHA, you are taken care of by a complete team of experts who address your cancer diagnosis as well as all your physical and psychological needs beyond cancer.

We have taken extra measures to ensure your comfort while you’re getting better. Our medical facilities offer everything you need on your journey to wellness. We ensure your utmost ease while we diagnose your condition, help you recover and give you the tools, support and expertise all within the safe confines of our state of the art facilities.



LHA boasts a dedicated team of medical & surgical oncology consultants who will guide you through the entire process. In only one visit, our team of doctors will take you through the testing process, explaining why and what you’re looking for. Before you finish your cup of coffee, most of your results will have been formulated and your doctor will take you through them. The crux of LHA is guidance, understanding and efficiency to put the modern woman at ease.
Panel meetings:
For the first time in Egypt, LHA offers Panel Consultations; upon request you can meet with the entire panel of physicians, including an oncologist, surgeon, radiologist and pathologist, responsible for your treatment in the same session.Panel Consultations offer you the chance for an in-depth discussion tackling all aspects of your treatment based on a truly integrated approach. In one visit, our team of doctors will take you through the intricacies of your case, specific treatments available, and help formulate a tailor-made treatment plan for your condition.