Cancer Care

With a devoted team of doctors, surgeons and treatment specialists, LHA is all about understanding the woman as well as the science. At LHA, you are taken care of by a complete team of experts who address your cancer diagnosis as well as all your physical and psychological needs beyond cancer.

We have taken extra measures to ensure your comfort while you’re getting better. Our medical facilities offer everything you need on your journey to wellness. We ensure your utmost ease while we diagnose your condition, help you recover and give you the tools, support and expertise all within the safe confines of our state of the art facilities.



After your cancer treatment, LHA helps you with the lifestyle management plans and tools that give you control over your body and ease the transition involved in returning to everyday life. We have developed a specialized rehabilitation center that will guide you as a cancer survivor through your post-treatment phase and improve your long-term health so you can enjoy the years ahead in the best shape possible.

Nutrition Plans: At LHA we understand the importance of what goes in your body and the elements required to getting your strength and vitality back. We work on a detailed plan to reclaim your health and make sure your body is getting everything it needs in the process.

Physiotherapy: LHA’s roster of skilled physical therapists work with patients to help alleviate physical signs that may arise from surgical or medical treatment for cancer such as lymphedema. Therapists use the most contemporary and effective therapeutic exercise programs to help patients reduce pain, improve flexibility, strength, endurance and range of motion following cancer treatment.

Aesthetic Center (prosthetics and bras): Getting comfortable in your new body is made as smooth as possible with our prosthetic specialists and cutting edge bras and apparel. The LHA Aesthetics Center makes sure you look as well as you feel.

Psychology Center: Recovery doesn’t only happen in your body, LHA appreciates the toll treatments have taken on your mind. With some of the country’s best psychologists on board, we guarantee that mind, body and spirit are taken care of.