Health Clinics

LHA understand that your body is your temple. We also understand that maintaining your body is pivotal for both your mind and soul, so we pay attention to all of it. LHA has a team of dedicated doctors to make sure every worry you have is cleared up. Our team and facilities are fully equipped to deal with any qualms or ailments you might have to deal with.



Any woman will understand the importance of beautiful luminous skin. LHA understands that issues with your skin can be painful not just for your body, but for your psyche. From the smallest blemish to more serious conditions, LHA’s team of expert dermatologists will look after any infections, psoriasis, allergy afflictions, acne, alopecia, vitiligo and nail diseases.
• Our biopsy and dermatopathology division offers a series of diagnostic services that identify even the most discernible condition and create tailor made treatments for every patient.
• The Photomedicine Phototherapy unit is a one of a kind unit at LHA that uses light therapy to treat psoriasis, vitiligo, hair loss, atopic dermatitis and other photo-responsive dermatoses.
The LHA dermatology department will ensure your skin is flawless, smooth and most importantly, as healthy as possible.