Your lifestyle is the pinnacle to the health of your body, mind and soul. At LHA we understand that the most intricate issue can cause great discomfort, so our lifestyle center ensures that you’re feeling and operating at your very best. With a dedicated team working in a luxurious setting to ensure that you’re looking your best, feeling your best and most importantly doing all you can to keep it that way.



Our laser clinic is a state of the art replenishing center that includes different types of machines suitable for all skin types. Our services include:
• Top to toe laser hair removal by Alexandrite and ND-YAG lasers
• Treatment of vascular disorders, spider veins and rosacea by ND-YAG laser.
• Resurfacing and treatment of wide skin pores, dark spots, scars (including post acne, cesarian section etc..), burns, rejuvenation and lifting/tightening for our gracefully aging clientele by fractional CO2 laser and radiofrequency.